Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I sign up?

    Currently, sign up is only available by linking your Amazon Account through the Alexa Skill Trip Tracker
  • What's the mileage deductions for 2020

    $0.575 / mi - Business
    $0.17 / mi - Medical
    $0.17 / mi - Moving
    $0.14 / mi - Charity
  • Can I manually add trips?

    Yes! In case you forgot to use Alexa to track your miles, you may Add it on the website. We don't recommend it because it sucks to add it manually. yuck!

Amazon Alexa

  • Compatible Devices

    According to Alexa's policy, currently, only the Alexa Mobile App, Echo Auto, and Fire HD Tablets have the precise location services feature, which is needed to read the coordinates to calculate the mileage between two geolocation. Please check your device to make sure GPS is enabled.

  • Location Services

    Permission to Location Services is needed in order to calculate the trip's mileage between two coordinates. We do not share this data and you can delete it at anytime at
  • Start Tracking Mileage

    "Ask Trip Tracker  to Start Business Trip"
    This command Start a Trip, which can be Business (Work), Personal, Medical (Doctor), Moving, or Charity (Volunteer)

    "Ask Trip Tracker  to Start Business Trip for Meeting"
    Optionally, this command add the notes "Meeting" to this Business Trip for your record keeping purposes
  • Stop a Trip

    "Ask Trip Tracker  to Stop Trip"
    Once you've arrived, this command Ends and Completes a trip by using Mapbox Directions to calculate the Distance and Travel Time between the Start and End coordinates

    "Ask Trip Tracker  to Start Doctor Trip"
    Alternatively, if you know you have more trips to log, just simply start another trip and Trip Tracker will End the most current trip + Start a new trip

  • Round Trip

    "Ask Trip Tracker  to Round Trip"
    "Ask Trip Tracker  to create Round Trip"
    This command is a shortcut if you already know it's a round trip back to the starting point. Trip Tracker will Complete the current trip + Add a Return trip

  • Summary

    "Ask Trip Tracker  for my July Summary"
    "Ask Trip Tracker  show my Summary for Today"
    "Ask Trip Tracker  what's my Summary for May?"
    Get the Total Mileage and Time driven for Today or for the Month Name. Remember, we only store the last 12 months of data so the Month will only be valid for that period.

  • How do I Download Report?

    "Ask Trip Tracker  to send my report for March"
    With your Email permission, we can send monthly reports to your Amazon email in PDF & CSV format for download as you wish. In the future, you can Login at to Download Monthly Report as PDF & CSV to store for your record


  • Is there a Free Plan?

    Yes! Everyone gets 10 logs per month free forever. Perfect for those who drives about 1000 mi a year! After the limit is reached, the Trip Tracker Skill will prompt you to upgrade.
  • How do I purchase an unlimited subscription?

    "Ask Trip Tracker  what can I buy?"
    At any time, this will let you know all the upgrades available.

    "Ask Trip Tracker  to buy Monthly Unlimited Subscription"
    Currently, we only offer the monthly unlimited logs and reports. Alexa will guide you through the payment process. Please remember to buy on a regular Echo Device as digital purchases are not allowed through the Mobile App or Echo Auto to comply with Apple and Google in-app rules.
  • How do I get a refund?

    "Ask Trip Tracker  to refund Monthly Unlimited Subscription"
    Amazon will take care of the rest.

Data Policy

  • How Long is Data Stored?

    Currently, Trip Tracker only stores data for the last 12 months (1 year). Please be sure to visit to download all reports PDF before the deadline. Once it's deleted, we cannot recover it.
  • Privacy

    Again, we do not share your data ever for any reason. At anytime, visit to delete one trip or the whole month. This is your private data and you should be free to remove it anytime. See our Privacy Policy