The Ultimate Hands-Free Mileage Logging



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Voice-activated Mileage Logging

right in your vehicle

how it should be

No Mobile App On/Off

No switching back and forth / scheduling between actual Work Drives vs Weekend Drives vs Uber rides vs Rental Car

No Background Tracking

Tracking your miles doesn't mean you need to be tracked too

No Phone Battery Draining

No background tracking means you can use your phone for other things

No Guessing Miles

Start tracking using the vehicle's precise location coordinates vs estimating by movement that misses valuable miles

No Forgetting

No more remembering to swipe right and join drives and corrections

No Typing

No need to add notes later for IRS reporting

Savings Calculator

with an average 10 mi / trip, you earn $1.16 each log

Estimated Savings yearly (assuming 0.58/mi at 20-25% tax bracket)

5,000 miles - $580 to $725+

10,000 miles - $1,160 to $1,450+

The Best Choice in the Market for All

Trip Tracker Skill Mobile App Special Device Commercial
Perfect For just about anyone moderate business travelers Uber / Lyft drivers Commercial eg. FedEx, Taxis
Extra Hardware Echo Auto (optional) $ 29.99 $ 100+
Monthly Price $ 2.99 $ 5.99 $ 15.49 $ 50.00
Optimal Yearly Mileage 1-10k miles 5-10k miles 10-15k+ miles 15-20k+ miles
View & Download Reports
Detection Accuracy Precise GPS Speed Estimation ~500 ft
Lost Mileage!
Precise GPS Precise GPS
Background Monitoring always on always on always on
Battery Drain NO YES! NO - plugged in-car NO - plugged in-car
Extra Manual Labor None Categorizing type, Trip Notes,
Join routes, Delete, On/Off
trip notes no need
Estimated Time Spend
to log $1.16 / trip
15 secs
Speak & Done
60 secs
Open App to Edit constantly
30 secs
Log in to Website to add Notes
You'd have to make this
per hour not to log
~$278 / hr ~$70 / hr ~ $139 / hr
Trip Type
Business, Charity
Medical, Moving
All All Business only Business only